We’ll keep it as WIDE OPEN as we can this morning considering we have our final candidate interview of the campaign season.  While FL Senate D14 candidate Tom Wright had committed to be here tomorrow, his handlers had other plans.  Team Wright cancelled the interview yesterday morning.  Our interview season will close with School Board D5 candidate Kelly Damerow in today’s 7am hour.  Her opponent, Katye Campbell had a death in the family and is out of town.

Florida Today’s Wayne Price is headed home from the Panhandle and will check in with us as we begin our 8am hour.  The death toll in the panhandle is going up and Wayne saw the devastation first hand.

I knew it two days ago…Red Tide is here.  I knew by the tickling in the back of my throat that produces a hacking cough.  It’s the same as it was in the early 2000’s when the irritant hit us.  So my super power is predicting Red Tide with a cough…it could have been lottery numbers or something!

We have several interesting stories to get in play today including parents using their kids for political jabs were called out in a big way, Bill Maher nails the left on political correctness again, Facebook is shutting down accounts heading into the election and more…what we don’t get to, we’ll move to the BML Aftershow Show at 10am on Facebook live and the Podcast.  But, outside of the interviews, it’s your day…what’s on your mind?


I knew it two days ago…Red Tide

Being called out when you use your kids for politics

Maher nails it on PC again

Facebook shutting down accounts in election season

Can the states remain united?

Wealth a factor in Wright selection

Bill Nelson goes completely stupid with campaign claim vs Scott

Security Specialists at our schools next week

Judge orders state to implement “medical” marijuana

Gillum wants $50k starting teacher salary

Aborted Soyuz launch has a happy, if rough, ending

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