Mick's Morning News: 10.17.18

Michael's Death Toll Climbs  (Tallahassee, FL) -- Hurricane Michael's death toll is being especially felt in Bay County. Nineteen people in Florida are now believed to have been killed in the storm, and 12 of them were in Bay County. The county manager says only six residents remain unaccounted for, but the sheriff was not able to confirm that yesterday. So far, 29 people have been killed by Michael across four states.

Red Tide Suspected Off Melbourne And Indialantic  (Indialantic, FL) -- A problem that has plagued the Gulf now appears to have made its way to Brevard County. Dead fish were found yesterday off Melbourne Beach and Indialantic, and red tide is suspected as the cause. Water samples were collected to be tested for signs of red tide, and results are expected by tomorrow. A county spokesman tells Florida Today they're already working on a coordinated response once they know the cause.

Plane Crashes Into Ocean  (Daytona Beach Shores, FL) -- Rescue workers are credited with bringing a pilot to safety after a plane crash in Volusia County. It happened yesterday afternoon as the single-engine plane crashed in the ocean off Daytona Beach Shores near South Atlantic Ave. Beach Safety Ocean Rescue pulled the man to shore, and they say he was conscious and alert with no signs of major injuries. No one else was onboard, and there's no word on a cause, but rescue personnel suspect the plane ran out of gas.

B-CU In Crisis  (Daytona Beach, FL) -- Bethune-Cookman University is in what it's president calls a crisis. Interim president Hubert Grimes yesterday discussed the school's financial problems that he says were caused by years of inadequate accountability, suspect governance and inexcusable decisions. Those decisions include plans to build a dorm that is expected to cost more than four times the original price tag. As bad as things seem, though, Grimes says the school is not in danger of closing, at least not in the near future.

Attempted Kidnapping Suspect Called 'Dangerous'  (Orlando, FL) -- A Kissimmee man accused of trying to kidnap a girl at Orlando International Airport is described as dangerous. That's what Nelia Sanchez says about estranged husband Alfredo Sanchez. He's accused of trying to walk away with an eight-year-old girl this weekend at the Airport, but bystanders intervened until police arrived. Nelia says she has a restraining order against Alfredo, and she tells Channel 9 she has no idea why Alfredo may have tried to take the girl.

Deputy Caught Stealing Vacuum  (Balcones Heights, TX) -- A Texas sheriff's deputy is off the job after accusations he stole a vacuum. Police in the San Antonio area say Corporal Joseph Becerra tried to leave a Target earlier this week with a vacuum and birthday card but he was nabbed before getting away. The Sheriff's Office says Becerra has stepped down from his position after meeting with officials. The 32-year-old had been a detention deputy for a little over a year.

Student Accused Of Baking Cookies With Human Ashes  (Davis, CA) -- Charges may be filed in Northern California against a high student accused of handing out cookies with human ashes baked in them. Reports say the student attends Da Vinci High School near Davis and baked cookies with the remains of her grandparents in them. Nearly a dozen others chomped down on the treats and police are investigating the unusual case. Officials also say they're not sure exactly what type of charges they would file in this particular situation.


2015, Scott Kelly broke the American record for the longest time spent living in space. It was October 17th that Kelly marked his 383rd day in space as a NASA astronaut.

2006, the 300 millionth person was born in the United States. Statistically, it was believed that person was a male child, born somewhere in the southwest region of the country.

2001, an anthrax threat prompted congressional leaders to close six House and Senate office buildings.

1989, a major earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay area during a World Series game between the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants. The quake measured six-point-nine on the Richter Scale and caused an estimated 270 deaths, three-thousand injuries and more than three-billion dollars in damage.

1966, "The Hollywood Squares" debuted on NBC.

1933, Dr. Albert Einstein moved from Germany to Princeton, New Jersey.

1931, noted mobster Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to eleven years in prison.

1919, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) was formed.

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