Turning Voting into Tupperware

The BML Aftershow Show launched at 10am yesterday…Jorge and I had a good time kicking around Roseanne and ABC’s regrets in firing her, flying in little planes that have had some emergency landings of late, Nike jail wear and Googly Eyes on a historic statue and a real life Celebrity Deathmatch!  Today it’ll be another real life Deathmatch and who know what else, but the initial reception was good so we’ll try it again today at 10.

On today’s BML we’ll take a look at VOTER PARTIES…an interesting idea, will it work?  Do we want it to?   The governor has been slapped down by the Florida Supreme Court as they tell him he won’t be picking the replacements for justices who retire the same day he leaves office.

School Board candidate interviews continue with D2 candidates Cheryl McDougal and Charles Parker in studio today.


FL Supremes: No to Governor Scott on picking new justices

Here’s an idea…turn voting into Tupperware!


Being called out when you use your kids for politics

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Facebook shutting down accounts in election season

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Security Specialists at our schools next week

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