Patriotism in Question: Democrats and Schools

I had a beautiful weekend that was full of excitement, joy, disappointment and some jet skiing!  My grandson played well in what was to be their last football game of the season, he then witnessed an impatient driver crush a tortoise as his step-mom was taking a picture of it for them in my neighborhood, my WVU Mountaineers got manhandled by a very good Iowa State football team with a freshman quarterback who has a great future and for the first time in far too long I was able to enjoy a day on the jet ski.  The Indian River was far better than naysayers would have you believe with loads of baitfish, dolphin and more.

As we get things rolling today is it possible you can’t be patriotic and be a democrat?  One story we have would indicate that’s the case!  In another display of patriotism a Carolina school had a student remove his “USA/Trump” jersey or be expelled from a football game.  The Republicans have named their candidate in the Senate D14 race.  Tom Wright will join us at 8am Thursday.

Today though Wednesday we’ll focus on School Board candidates.  All will join us as scheduled except Katye Campbell.  They have had a death in the family and will out of town this week.  Our best to them.

Today Jorge and I embark on a new venture…the Bill Mick LIVE Aftershow Show.  We’ll come back to the studio at 10am and take a few minutes with top stories of the day or other issues that grab our attention.  We’ll Facebook live this show that will be available by podcast at


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