Candidate interviews for the General Election season will end next week and MICK’s PICKS for that election will come out NEXT THURSDAY in this column.  As you know, I interview the candidates who choose to appear in the races we cover and then make my determination as to who I am or would be voting for were I eligible in all districts covered.  

We’ll discuss the amendments to the constitution that will appear on the ballot in the days that follow and I will have another column about them before Election Day.


Beginning next Monday, 10.15.18, Jorge Medina and I will begin a new venture for WMMB and BML, The Bill Mick LIVE Aftershow Show.  Jorge and I will get together in the Showcase Studio at 10am each day and go live on Facebook while we create this 15-30 minute podcast of topics of the day or other issues we just could not get to on the show.  There will be occasional guests and an interesting look with Jorge’s takes on the things you and I discuss daily…it all starts Monday on Facebook and the PODCAST section at

INSIDERS: The INSIDER LINE IS 321-821-9058 and now has an AFTER SHOW message service.  If you miss the chance to comment on the show, or are listening to a podcast, you can call the INSIDER LINE and make your comment.  We may bring your thoughts to the show from your message.

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