Mick's Morning News: 10.12.18

Michael Leaves Behind 'Unimaginable Destruction'  (Tallahassee, FL) -- Hurricane Michael is leaving Northwest Florida to deal with what the governor calls unimaginable destruction. Residents across the area began assessing the damage yesterday from the Category Four storm. Governor Rick Scott called the storm a monster that cost some families everything.

An Apalachicola resident tells the Tallahassee Democrat the storm was devastating, and it will take months before things get back to normal. Power has already been restored to thousands, but those hardest hit by the storm could be without electricity for weeks. The company says the storm inflicted devastating damage to the grid around Panama City, and it calls the storm a life-changing event.

Lifelong residents say they've never seen anything like the destruction caused by Michael. One woman who rode out the storm in her home didn't think the Category Four storm would be as bad as it was, and she says she thought she was going to die.

Patrick AFB Ready To Help Michael Victims  (Brevard County, FL) -- A group from Brevard County that has responded to crises around the world is now ready to help closer to home. Patrick Air Force Base's 920th Rescue Wing is standing by in case they're needed in the Panhandle after Hurricane Michael. Members have done rescue missions in Africa and Asia, and their commander tells Florida Today they're ready at a moment's notice.

Teacher Arrested For Molesting Student  (DeLand, FL) -- A Volusia County teacher is accused of molesting a student. Deputies this week arrested Port Orange 62-year-old David Davis for incidents over the last six months involving a 15-year-old boy. Davis has worked as a substitute teacher at ten middle and high schools in the county. Deputies are asking for any other victims to come forward.

Disney Tries To Stop Lawsuits From Being Heard  (Orlando, FL) -- Disney is taking steps to stop lawsuits filed by people with severe autism. The company is being sued by about 30 people for not accommodating autistic customers, and a judge recently ruled the plaintiffs can testify in court. Parents say Disney's policy requires them to wait for rides, and those with severe autism struggle to understand the concept of time. Disney's lawyers this week filed a request to overturn the judge's ruling, and they say expecting Disney to eliminate wait times is impossible, just like it would be for any business.

Baby Trump Set For SoCal Visit  (Los Angeles, CA) -- Baby Trump is scheduled to fly over Southern California. Backbone Campaign reports that they are staging a crowdfunded effort to bring the giant, inflatable, diapered infant Trump balloon from the East Coast. The group says they have flyovers planned for Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego before Halloween. The float made a splash in England during Trump's July visit to the UK.

Police: Naked Man Tried To Run Over Police Officers  (Heflin, AL) -- A naked Alabama man is wearing an inmate outfit after police say he tried to run over officers. Officials say they responded to a business near Interstate 20 in Heflin earlier this week on reports of a suspicious person in a car. Things went from bad to worse when they found a nude man in the vehicle who then tried to run them over in the parking lot. The suspect is also accused of trying to hit a child.  The suspect ended up in jail for his efforts. There are no reports of serious injuries.


2016, Cover Girl's spokesmodel seventeen-year-old James Charles became the first ever "Cover Boy." Charles said he was honored and excited to be the first-ever male ambassador for CoverGirl. He added, "I truly hope that this shows that anyone and everyone can wear makeup."

2015, Zimbabwe officials said the American who killed Cecil the Lion will not be charged. Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer had obtained legal authority to conduct the hunt, despite claims that he reportedly paid a guide 50-thousand dollars to lure the lion away from a sanctuary.

1998, five days after he was beaten and tied to a fence, gay University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard died of his injuries. Two men were charged with his murder.

1938, production began on the film, "The Wizard of Oz."

1901, President Theodore Roosevelt renamed the Executive Mansion "The White House."

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