Catching Up, Candidate Free

We are candidate free on this Friday morning.  We will conclude our candidate interviews with Brevard’s 3 School Board races Monday- Wednesday of next week.  The Republicans have selected a nominee for the Florida Senate seat held by the late Dorothy Hukill.  We’ll offer Tom Wright the Thursday 8am hour if he would like to come in for an interview and to introduce himself to Brevard voters.

We’ll play a bit of catch up this morning as the political season has kept us a little busy with interviews.  We have an interesting Christian baker decision, the post office wanting a price hike for stamps, Kanye West at the White House, a voter registration ruling after Hurricane Michael, another ruling ordering the state to implement the medical marijuana amendment, questions over politicking in the wake of a disaster and more. 

Florida Today’s Executive Editor Bob Gabordi will help us sort it all out in our third hour.

Don’t forget on Monday Jorge and I embark on a new venture…the Bill Mick LIVE Aftershow Show.  We’ll come back to the studio at 10am and take a few minutes with top stories of the day or other issues that grab our attention.  We’ll Facebook live this show that will be available by podcast at


Kanye West meets the president, draws ire

An interesting Christian baker court decision

USPS wants another stamp price hike

It’s about time- R officials select FL Senate candidate

Judge rules against voter registration extension

Judge orders state to implement “medical” marijuana

Nelson stumps for money, should ads stop in a storm?

Gillum wants $50k starting teacher salary


President apologizes to Justice Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh thanks the president for support

Haley resigns as UN Ambassador

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