Mick's Morning News: 10.11.18

Storm Kills Gadsden County Man  (Greensboro, FL) -- Hurricane Michael hit the panhandle yesterday and has resulted in at least one death.  An unidentified Greensboro man was killed yesterday when a tree fell on his home. Governor Rick Scott says the Category Four storm was the worst to ever hit the Panhandle and one of the worst in US history. Before making landfall, the storm was expected to cause at least two billion dollars worth of damage.

Michael Almost Became Category Five Storm  (Mexico Beach, FL) -- Two miles an hour is all that kept Michael from joining an exclusive club when it comes to hurricanes. The storm made landfall yesterday in Bay County as a Category Four with 155-mile an hour winds. That's just two miles an hour short of the speed needed to be considered a Category Five, which is the maximum. Only three other storms have ever made landfall in the US as a Category Five, the last one being Andrew in 1992.

More Than 100K Without Power In Tallahassee  (Tallahassee, FL) -- After Hurricane Michael passed through yesterday, more than 100-thousand people were left without electricity in the city and almost 400-thousand in the state. Utility crews began assessing the damage last night, and hundreds of linemen are expected to arrive in the city today to help restore power. One lineman from Orlando tells the Tallahassee Democrat he expects to be in the city a couple weeks.

Teacher Arrested For Grabbing Student  (West Melbourne, FL) -- A Brevard County teacher is facing charges for an incident with a student. Central Middle School PE teacher Kurt Kaufman was arrested yesterday and placed on leave. West Melbourne Police say the 55-year-old recently grabbed a 14-year-old boy who was late for class and shoved him. Police also say the boy suffered bruises on his chest, and Kaufman is charged with battery.

Police Looking For Man Who Approached 11-Year-Old Girl  (Edgewater, FL) -- A girl's quick thinking is credited with scaring off a possible would-be kidnapper in Volusia County. Edgewater Police say the 11-year-old was on Travelers Palm Drive this week when a man drove up and offered her a ride. The girl remembered what she was taught in school and told the man her mother was nearby so the man took off. Police promised to increase patrols of the area.

Squirrel Count Underway In New York's Central Park  (New York, NY) -- It might sound a little nuts, but a squirrel count is underway in Central Park. Hundreds of volunteers, including teenagers, are spending the next two weeks documenting how many Eastern gray squirrels live in Manhattan's largest park. They're combing all 840 acres tracking squirrel activities and habits. Scientists say they need the information because they don't know much about squirrel behavior.

Student Gets Burned With Phone  (Cecil County, MD) -- A Maryland high school student is recovering from cell phone burns on his hand. The state's fire marshal says the bus was dropping off Bohemia Manor High School students in Earleville the day before yesterday when a cell phone on the floor was smoking. The student was burned when he picked up the smoking metal and tried to toss it out of his window. Investigators in Cecil County are still trying to determine what sparked the flames.


1984, space shuttle "Challenger" astronaut Kathy Sullivan became the first U.S. woman to walk in space.

1975, Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham tied the knot Fayetteville, Arkansas. Bill was 29 and Hillary was 27-years-old.

1975, the phrase "Live From New York, It's Saturday Night Live" ushered in the debut episode of "Saturday Night Live" on NBC. George Carlin hosted the premiere episode.

1961, "The Bob Newhart Show" debuted on NBC.

1960, "The Bugs Bunny Show," debuted on ABC.

1890, the Daughters of the American Revolution was founded in Washington, D.C..

1877, Outlaw Wild Bill Longley, who killed at least a dozen men, was hanged.

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