County Commission D-2 Candidates Day

Today we move from the Florida House to the Brevard County Commission in our candidate interviews.  In our 7am hour Democratic candidate Victoria Mitchner will join us as she seeks the open commission district 2 seat.  Her opponent, Republican Brian Lober is with us in our 8am hour.  Jim Barfield is not seeking reelection in this district.

As we begin our day, if you’re going to break up with a significant other is making a profit on the deal a bad thing?  Then, a slight we are seeing in all too many places as another store wants armed police officers, even on duty, to stay away…unless, of course, they need a cop.  With phone stores being as prominent as convenience stores you’d think having a cop around would be welcomed.  Not at this T-Mobile store!

Don’t forget on Monday Jorge and I embark on a new venture…the Bill Mick LIVE Aftershow Show.  We’ll come back to the studio at 10am and take a few minutes with top stories of the day or other issues that grab our attention.  We’ll Facebook live this show that will be available by podcast at


How to break up and make a profit

Why does T-Mobile hate cops?


President apologizes to Justice Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh thanks the president for support

Haley resigns as UN Ambassador

Take your time in handing Mel Martin the election, Republicans

Judge orders state to implement “medical” marijuana

Nelson stumps for money, should ads stop in a storm?

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