Jazz Hands and Candidate Interviews

We are back to candidate interviews on today’s BML.  At 7am we’ll talk with Phil Moore, the Democratic candidate for Florida House D-53.  The 8am hour brings the incumbent, Representative Randy Fine, into the studio.  We’ll see how these two see the job differently and what their priorities are for the legislature should they be in the job after the general election.  Tomorrow we’ll begin on the County Commission with D-2 candidates scheduled in those final two hours.

Before we get interviews rolling today we’ll take a look at a couple of trends in society that make you scratch your head and wonder what’s going on.  In Great Britain there is a move to stop applause for fear it causes discomfort for some less social types.  Then the PC bandwagon has a sportscaster apologizing for something he said, not because it’s offensive, but because it sounds offensive.  We had best brush off some of that social sensitivity we are experiencing or we won’t be able to communicate at all!


Don’t clap. Use jazz hands

Let’s stop apologizing for inoffensive things

Here’s what we mean, now stop it!

Judge orders state to implement “medical” marijuana


President apologizes to Justice Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh thanks the president for support

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