I have noticed it on both sides of the political aisle. This new batch of candidates comes with youth and exuberance, but they are severely lacking in political savvy or the desire to seek and follow advice from those who know and understand politics. It’s a dangerous combination. 

This new political creature has the desire and energy to work hard, but is missing the knowledge and understanding of how to accomplish the mission. It’s like the dog expending energy chasing the car with no clue what happens once the car is in hand. 

Sadly, it appears some of these puppies will actually catch the car and be elected. Others will go yelping back to the dog house when the political car runs over their tails. 

So far this season we’ve had a congressional candidate who’s never been in public life decide to not interview on BML because he didn’t like my commentary and considers me divisive. Never mind it would be the biggest audience he would ever speak to at one time. These folks are running against me when they should be trying to inform you. 

A county commission candidate who was not my pick in the primary sent me a note asking if I was endorsing his opponent. I explained to him that I announce how I’d vote, but I don’t endorse. I explained the process he’s already been through once which is interviewing the candidates and then evaluating their positions and capability before making my selection. 

This candidate then went on a rant about my analysis of his performance when his interview in the primary had concluded. I had to explain that I was not in the race, but soliciting information about the race while he was there. I advised him that my analysis is part of my job and debating ideas or issues with him took away from the goal of helping to inform the electorate. 

His weak attempt at controlling my behavior will in no way influence how I conduct either interviews or analysis, unless he derails the next interview and tries taking me on as opposed to informing voters. He’s in my party; you’d think we’d be reasonably aligned and he wants to play attack dog. His advice is coming from the wrong place. 

Another FL House candidate is yet to reply to our invitation to interview, choosing instead to attempt to derail me with the powers that be in my company. That has not happened, is not likely to happen and only serves to further diminish that candidate’s integrity and less than stellar performance in Tallahassee and locally. Again, I am not a candidate, but a conduit of information to the voting audience. 

Some candidates have shunned known and powerful political voices who have access to donors who could bring the lifeblood of money to a campaign in addition to sage advice. For these candidates it appears to be about issue activism, but activism without the ability to do anything about it is meaningless. 

What it boils down to is this: these candidates possess energy, but they are encumbered with political ignorance and arrogance that does not allow for seeking or heeding advice from those in the know. 

This is not partisan; both major parties are failing their candidates and the voters. Efforts to grow and train bench strength for candidates is nearly nonexistent. Until the parties step up their game and develop strategy to train and field candidates we’ll be left with candidates who are ignorant of the process and unwilling to heed the advice and assistance of those who could provide immense help to them. 

In the end it this will not bode well for the voters or the districts hosting these candidates. We’ll continue to field the unknowing, led by the activists resulting in inept representation for us all. 

That, my friends, is sad to see.


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