And Now We Wait

The Brett Kavanaugh nomination has given us lots to consider and yet, it all seems to boil down to something we have been talking for some time: the nature of politics in our country.  Grandstanding by Senators is nothing new to this hearing, but it was sure on display from both sides.  It makes you wonder if it’s about the job they are there to do or about how much TV time they can generate for themselves.

We’ve heard from the accuser.  We’ve heard from the nominee.  The committee will vote in a meeting scheduled for 9:30 this morning.  One Senator has apologized for issuing a fundraising email based on the hearing.  The New York Times caved to backlash for a poll they posted regarding the accuser’s credibility.  Apparently questioning that is beyond the realm of possibility for the Times vocal readers.  When the nominee testified they were going to ask the same about him, but canned the whole thing.  The “newspaper of record” apparently has no guts.

Alan Dershowitz lays out Michael Avenatti’s tactics as embarrassing to the law.  He could have said embarrassing to the country!

Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi is scheduled with us in our 8am hour.  We’ll put a wrap on this very interesting week!



NY Times apologizing for poll

Senator apologizing for allegation fundraising

Dershowitz all over Avenatti



Vote scheduled today

How they are losing other support

And now for something completely different:

Gillum may be under active investigation

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