News: Kavanaugh or Non-Kavanaugh? (we have both!)

Two kinds of news and a candidate interview await us on today’s BML.  For news we have Kavanaugh news and Non-Kavanaugh news.  The Kavanaugh news is plentiful as the Senate Hearing is supposed to go today.  Not that there aren’t people trying to stop it from happening.  That includes new allegations from Stormy Daniels’ lawyer and a new gal he dug up to claim the judge ran rape trains as a kid in school.  Then there is a former boyfriend of hers that says he has proof she is lying.  The first accuser, Ms. Ford, has taken a polygraph that seems to contradict details from her initial complaint.  The campaign against Kavanaugh is, however, not new.  A story from the Canadian Free Press notes the anti-Kavanaugh train has been rolling since 2012.  For his part the judge is standing firm and has released a calendar from 1982. Who in the world keeps something like that?  It appears the left may not be happy with Stormy’s lawyer as his outlandish claims don’t have the air of credibility and the fears are they will distract from and even derail the anti-Kavanaugh efforts.  There is some indicator of the impact of all of this in a recent guest editorial in Florida Today.

In non-Kavanaugh news, Mitch Needelman has two co-defendants convicted and in jail.  Had jurors not misbehaved Phil Archer’s office would be three for three in the case as Needelman was convicted as well, but that was vacated by the judge because of the jury’s actions.  Mitch should read the writing on the wall and find his way to a guilty plea.  It could go easier on him for doing so.   Bill Posey is apologizing for characterizations he made at a local conservative group about his opponent’s supporters.  This is highly unusual of the deliberative and well spoken member of congress.  Finally Pam Bondi has a stance with which I can agree.  She is contending that there should be no anonymity for the 19 year olds who are suing over the Stoneman Douglas School Safety act’s infringement of their Second amendment rights. They are NOT children.  Be big boys and don’t expect the courts to protect your identity.  In the governor’s race, Ron DeSantis is retooling and Andrew Gillum may be leading in the polls, but will corruption in Tallahassee during his watch take him down?  Then there is the Florida Senate hanky-panky and the harassment and retaliation suit that is giving us a picture of the playboy atmosphere in the allegedly august body. 

And finally, in our 8am hour we’ll talk with Florida House D-51 candidate Tyler Sirois.  Tyler made it through a grueling and mudslinging campaign to garner the nomination.  We’ll see what his thoughts are on issues facing the legislature and the campaign ahead.  His opponent, Mike Blake, was invited to appear in our 7am hour, but declined stating he had to work.  He’s a teacher at Cocoa High.



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