Catching Up

Twice in the last month or so I have had the opportunity to catch up with people from my life I have not seen in many years. In both cases it was an amazing experience.

In the first I traveled to South Florida and watched a WV football game with a retired cop from my former department. It was a great reunion and the stories flowed endlessly. While we have chatted through the years, it was our first time together in person in well over 25 years. It was worth the drive down and back to have the experience and enjoy each other’s company.

The other was more local. I was on my way home from church on Sunday and this second friend’s home is on my way. I decided on the spur of the moment to stop and say hello. I called first to see if it would be alright. He assured me that it was.

When I arrived I signed in and got directions to my friend’s apartment. I took the elevator and a short walk to the door. I knocked, it was open and he yelled for me to come in. It had not been as long as it had with my retired cop pal, but we had not communicated as much as the cop and I had. Yet, this friendship was also important.  

Like with the first, we picked up where we had left off. We reminisced and laughed and talked about our kids...and their kids. We talked the old days which were my early days in radio. This friend had been one of my most enthusiastic supporters. He saw things in me I wasn’t seeing yet. He helped make my career possible.

We sat and had coffee for an hour or so and it was time for me to go. It was an hour I want to experience again. So does he. And we will.

Next time it won’t take all those years for it to happen.

Whatever you do, there are these people in your life, too.  Set aside the excuses or even the chores. Go and see those friends.

Trust me, it’ll be time well spent.


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