WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Countdown to Kavanaugh

Outside of our candidate interview scheduled in our 7am hour it’s your day to direct our conversation.  What has you thinking this morning?  For my part it’s largely the Kavanaugh hearing.  The Supreme Court is one reason we supported President Trump and the left is doing all it can to derail the process.  The left is afraid Stormy Daniels’ lawyer is mucking up their plan to stop the Kavanaugh appointment and they could be right.  The Senate is finally acting like it’s in charge and is bringing in an experienced attorney to participate in the questioning.  Meanwhile the Dems are asking to limit the press and want to direct some of those decisions.  They could very well be costing themselves support as one Florida Today editorial notes.

We have a report of a teacher being fired for refusing to give half credit for no work in her classroom.  My native land has made a decision that will scare us.  They are going to allow voting by smart phone.  I’m not sure we are ready for this!

Pam Dirschka would like to be in the Florida House.  She joins us in our 7am hour.  Other than that we’ve got a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY on our hands…what’s on your mind?


Teacher fired for giving actual grades?

Do you spend more on food or taxes?

The homeland scaring me with this decision

Libs not happy with Stormy’s lawyer

How they are losing other support

Asking Senate to limit/direct press coverage

Sex crimes prosecutor to handle some questioning

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