The Inquisition and the Death of a Free Press

The inquisition is on in Washington, DC.  It takes a thorough review of a nominee’s sexual history to get through the process these days.  Where are the Scarlet Letters?  Where are the cries of, “Witch, Witch!”? If, as the left would seem to have it, an accusation is all it takes to derail a process and call for nominations to be withdrawn or congress to not act, we are losing the country to the puritans from one side or the other.  Oh, it’s not sexual purity they seek; it’s political purity.  And no holds are barred in the fight to have one side’s political philosophy prevail.  If we aren’t careful, we will lose the Republic.

The county commission has decided E-Verify is essential for contractors working for the county.  I’m OK with that.  It’s what they are discussing for down the road that is a concern.

And it’s not just political campaigns where the truth is not appreciated, it’s happening to collegiate journalists.  That does not bode well for our reporters of the future.  Are we to see a media that lives in a politically correct wonderland where sensitivity and the wishes of politicians prevail?  Let’s hope not, or like I said, we’ll lose the Republic!

Our candidate interviews continue at 7am as Florida Senate District 14 Democratic candidate Mel Martin joins us.  Her opponent, sitting Senator Dorothy Hukill has not responded to our invitation to appear in the 8am hour.


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