Candidate Interviews Begin

It’s the beginning of candidate interviews for the General Election on BML.  We’ll begin with congress where one candidate’s reason for declining the opportunity says a lot more than no.  We begin, then, with Congressman Bill Posey in our 8am hour.

We have more drama in the Kavanaugh confirmation process.  His accuser will appear on Thursday, or so they say, and there are others now coming out of the woodwork.

The Fit student who attempted theft the of an American Airlines plane from the Melbourne airport may have been trying to harm himself.  Details are sketchy.

In other politics Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is defining himself well for us.  He wants more gun control.  And as far as campaigning goes, the idea is that candidates run for a job, not necessarily against an opponent.  It’s a shame that even elected officials don’t get that.  Then again, if your record is under scrutiny, maybe distracting voters with unimportant assertions about your opponent is the way to go.  In fact, it could be a fine idea!

Welcome to Monday!


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