Why are Republicans Dodging Voters in Brevard?

Are Republican candidates in Brevard avoiding public forums?  If so, why?  We’ll explore this in hour 2 of our Friday morning.  To launch the day we’ll catch an update on the observatory closure earlier in the month and just why it happened, how stupid parents hurl their kids and whether our college students are smart enough to vote.

A workplace shooter defied the odds…the shooter was a woman.  While we are talking women, should all accusers be given instant credibility?  One female victim says absolutely not.  You’ll appreciate her logic.  It looks like Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser is going to testify…if her conditions are met.  How far should the committee go in giving her accommodations she seeks?  The Democrats have known of this accusation since July, is holding it until September anything more than a political tactic? 

Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi is with us at 8 and we’ll talk storm coverage and more as we close our talk week together.


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Stupid parents hurt their kids…and land in court

College sure is good for our kids

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MD shooter a woman

Apparently…we cluster

President orders Russian docs release

No, we should not believe ALL women

Kavanaugh accuser on again after off again…maybe

CA lawmaker in the middle of this, SINCE JULY

Gabordi: Covering the storm


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