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09.17.18- Monday Aggravation


Bret Kavanaugh is under fire for an incident that may or may not have happened when he was 17 years old.  Easy- bring in the witnesses under oath and take the testimony.  Easily resolved.


The other issues we faced today may take a bit longer.


First, an Arkansas man peacefully sat in front of a mall Nike store waving a Blue Lives Mater flag.  The Nike store’s response was to call the cops on a guy peacefully protesting in favor of cops.  Ii I were the responding officer, I would have bought him lunch.


And then there is the Taco Bell in Hialeah.  The clerks there refused to serve a drive through customer because she would not order in Spanish.


Oh, the clerk was eventually removed from the job and the customer offered compensation for the inconvenience, but is taco or burrito pronounced any differently in Spanish?


If we’d all remember to be kind to each other, this stuff goes away pretty quickly.  Except the politics, that seems to be never ending.



09.18.18- Harvard spreading idiocy (even beyond our legislature)


Leave it to Harvard.  It’s an institution with a claim as one of the top schools in the country and they know nothing of anatomy or biology.


Harvard is now providing free feminine hygiene products to its students. It’s doing so, largely, in gender neutral restrooms.  Why?  To be there for students who may not be comfortable in female only facilities.  Like this activity is something you want shared with non-females?


An activist group on campus says it’s to create equal access “across genders.”  They are also miffed that taking care of these needs is perceived as gendered only to females.


Like I said, biology and anatomy must be out at Harvard.  They also claim that not everyone who has this particular need is a woman.  Ummm, pretty sure if you have the need, you are a woman whether you want to be or not!


With this idiocy Harvard is screwing up much more than the Florida Legislature!



09.19.18- Science, Religion or Both?


Is it a battle between science and religion?  If so, what is science telling us now?  You may be surprised.


In a study of kids (adolescents and teens) over an eight to fourteen year period the science points to religion.


The Nurses’ Health Study II & the Growing Up Today study concluded that children and teens who attend church regularly or pray or meditate regularly are:


18% more likely to be happier

30% more likely to do volunteer work

and are

33% less likely to do drugs.


Other studies have shown that those who believe in something greater than self are happier, more resilient to stress and are less self-focused.


So, believer or not, do you love your kids?  Sure you do.


Then why would you deprive them of these advantages?  See you at church on Sunday!



09.20.18- Naked and Not Afraid


There is no reason to be afraid.  That is, if you are running around naked in your own yard, don’t fear, there is nothing the authorities can do.


Don’t believe me?  Take a look, if you dare, in Stuart.  The Martin County community has a neighborhood where the neighbor isn’t very neighborly, or maybe he is.  It depends on your perspective.


And if you are his neighbor you have a perspective giving you a view of this neighbor in all his glory.  He’s a nudist and he practices his nudity at home, outside and in plain view of anyone who happens to be nearby.


Like you would, neighbors have called law enforcement, but to no avail.  Apparently quirks in Florida law don’t recognize your private property as being in the public domain, even if it can be viewed by anyone going by.


Unless this guy is being lewd, authorities can’t act.  So, dad, if your kids were out and seeing this would you take matters into your own hands?  Because until this guy does just that, he’s naked and unafraid!



09.21.18- What to make of candidate no-shows


Florida Today Engagement Editor Isadora Rangel wrote about this earlier in the week.  Candidates for public office are choosing to not take part in candidate forums for one reason or another.  Rangel noted this habit of some Republican candidates.  I note it on the part of some candidates of both major parties.


Candidate interviews on my show begin Monday.  I have invited by email, web and social media post both republican and democratic candidates in the races I have chosen to cover.


While I have invited candidates to an hour of their own, no opponents present, some have readily accepted.  Others have not yet replied or declined the opportunity.  Some give reasons, some do not.


In any case, the insult is not to me or to Florida Today, it’s to you the voter.  A candidate who can’t face a forum or interview is certainly not qualified for the rigors of holding office.


Me, I can do without them.  It gives me more time with the audience.

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