I don’t get nudists.  I am not aware of any in the immediate neighborhood, thankfully.  Some folks in Stuart aren’t so lucky.  They have a neighbor who does his yard work and everything else sans clothing.  The cops say there is nothing they can do.  How would you react?

Several NFL Hall of Fame players have demands of the NFL.  Would you give them a lifetime salary and health benefits?

The New York Times now says it wants the truth…from candidates in their campaigns.  Don’t we all?  The Times wants examples of dishonesty in campaigns.  I wonder what they will do beyond Brevard.  Speaking of, we have an example of what happens when Republican lawmakers go stupid…and this one is not from Tallahassee, but Pennsylvania. 

In Georgia they will have an election do-over.  Apparently folks were handed the wrong Primary ballots…and they didn’t notice?  Maybe they need new voters!  Mail ballots are being vilified by the Tampa Bay Times Buzz section.  Again, there is some voter responsibility here.

Yesterday someone mentioned the polling…we have some insights from FLANEWSONLINE.COM. 

In DC the Kavanaugh drama continues and it appears his accuser will not testify.  Game over, put him on the bench!


The naked truth...or not

NFL Hall of Famers have demands

NY Times wants the truth…or so they say

When R lawmakers go stupid

GA election do-over, ballot problems

Mail ballots- thanks for the math lesson

You’d asked about polling…here we go

Apparently…we cluster

KAVANAUGH hearing: accuser testifies Monday or it’s over

President orders Russian docs release

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