WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Looking at ourselves

Although asked and answered repeatedly the idea of Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie being gay has come back into the nation’s dialogue.  A writer for the show says he wrote them as a gay couple based on his own relationship.  Sesame Workshop says they are Muppets with no sexual orientation.

Last weekend a college football player faked a fair catch and ran the punt back for a score.  The NCAA is considering a rule change to prevent this.  They should, else if I am coaching there are no more fair catches!

Let’s take a look at ourselves.  I’ve always been a people watcher, it went with the job, and it goes with this one.  Apparently we “cluster” into types of people.  We also do our kids a service when we have them in church.

Here’s a FINE deal for you!  The County Commission just voted to devote $!0m in TDC tax money to an aquarium at the Port.  It’s a good idea and something the TDC tax was designed to do.  Sure beats dumping millions more into the lagoon when $42m in sales tax money isn’t showing us anything for the effort…so far.

What is it with republican candidates not appearing for forums and debates?  Are they afraid they will be out conservative by the democrats? 

Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser has not yet agreed to testify Monday and it seems she has accomplished what her handlers wanted, a delay in the confirmation process.  She also wants to direct the actions of the FBI and have them investigate her allegations before she testifies.  Note to her: SHE DOES NOT RUN THE FBI!

In an unprecedented move the president has ordered the release of documents related to the “Russian” investigation.  We’ll see what that brings and why the democrats don’t want it to happen.


Are Bert and Ernie…GAY?

If they don’t change the rule- blow him up!

Apparently…we cluster

Religion/Spirituality protects kids’ mental health

This is a FINE idea!  But he won’t like it!

What is it with Republican no-shows at debates/forums?

Kavanaugh accuser tries to direct FBI before testifying

President orders Russian docs release

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