Schoolpidity at Harvard, Bad Amendments & Kavanaugh Questions

Apparently Harvard isn’t satisfied turning future Florida legislators into idiots; they want to infect the entire student body!  We’ll start our day there.  Then we have an update on that observatory closure- it was largely what we thought, minus the aliens. 

The Needelman case is back in court.  This time it’s Rose Harr’s trial taking place.  The state is fighting to keep bad amendments on the November ballot and the League of Women Voters, that partisan group that claims otherwise, is not allowed to register kids to vote in public schools.

Brett Kavanaugh is willing to go back before congress to defend himself against the allegations of inappropriate conduct as a 17 year old.  His accuser’s attorney needs to make up her mind if the accuser will testify or not.

School Board member Andy Ziegler will join us in hour 3.  While he lost his seat in the Primary, he seems genuinely relieved and has not stopped working the job he holds until November.


HARVARD- it’s not just legislators they turn into idiots

Update: What we thought on observatory shut down

Hey!  Rose Harr is on trial!

State fighting to keep bad amendments

League can’t register voters in schools

Kavanaugh accuser lawyer: not her job to prove

Needs to make up her mind

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