Mick's Morning News: 09.17.18

Man Dies In Injuries Suffered From Car Explosion  (Mims, FL) -- A Brevard County man is dead after suffering severe burns in a car explosion. Mims 49-year-old Vince Barding died last week from injuries he suffered over a month ago.

Barding was working on a car at a salvage yard in Scottsmoor when the car exploded. He leaves behind four children and many friends who tell Florida Today he was always there to help someone in a tough spot.

Man Arrested For Stabbing Guest In Home  (Titusville, FL) -- A man in Titusville is facing charges for stabbing a house guest. 33-year-old Benjamin Wright was arrested this weekend for the incident at his home on Loxley Court.

Police say Wright stabbed a woman staying in his home and left her with life-threatening injuries. The charges against Wright include attempted first-degree murder.

Four Arrested For Indecency In Parks  (Lakeland, FL) -- Four people are facing charges after a crackdown on sex-related activity at public parks in Polk County. Deputies last week arrested four men in stings at Saddle Creek Park and Gator Creek Reserve Park.

Two men from Lakeland are accused of exposing themselves to an undercover officer, while a third from Lakeland is accused of soliciting an undercover officer. The fourth suspect is a 71-year-old from Davenport, who's accused of offering to commit a lewd act and grabbing an undercover detective.

DeSantis Wants More Debates With Gillum  (Orlando, FL) -- Andrew Gillum is being challenged to more debates. Republican Ron DeSantis this weekend publicly called for more debates with his Democratic opponent in the governor's race.

The two have already agreed to two debates next month in South Florida, but DeSantis says he wants at least one more. Gillum seems open to more debates, but his campaign tells the Tampa Bay Times they want at least one debate outside South Florida.

Man Arrested After Threatening School Shooting  (Naples, FL) -- A teenager is facing charges for making threats that include shooting up a school. Texas 19-year-old David Heinze was arrested this weekend in Collier County after making the threats to his ex-girlfriend, who lives in Naples.

In more than 50 text messages, Heinze threatened to kidnap her, kill her family, hurt himself and cause mass casualties in a school shooting. Police say Heinze ignored the victim's repeated requests to stop sending her messages.

Berkeley City Council Introduces Meatless Meetings  (Berkeley, CA) -- The city council in Berkeley, California is introducing meatless meetings. Berkeley City Council has voted to serve only plant-based foods at all city-owned and managed facilities on Mondays, or another day of the week that's still be to be decided.

The council will offer only vegan food at all of their meetings as part of the Green Mondays resolution. The resolution was introduced after scientific analyses revealed that one of the best ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to reduce or eliminate meat and dairy consumption.


1994, Heather Whitestone became the first woman with a disability to be crowned Miss America. The former Miss Alabama is deaf.

1991, the sitcom, "Home Improvement," made its debut on ABC.

1972, the classic sitcom, "M*A*S*H," debuted on CBS. The show stayed on the air eleven years and is widely regarded as one of the top comedy programs ever.

1966, "Mission: Impossible" premiered on CBS.

1962, the Justice Department filed the first federal suit to end racial segregation in public schools.

1961, the Minnesota Vikings debuted in the NFL with a 37-to-13 victory over the Chicago Bears.

1920, the American Professional Football Association, the precursor to the National Football League, was formed.

1862, Confederate forces under General Robert E. Lee were crushed by Union forces at the battle of Antietam (AN-TEE-DUM) in Maryland. At least 22-thousand men were killed, wounded or missing.

1787, the Constitution of the United States was signed at the end of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

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