Can We Believe the TV Weather Man?

When an observatory feels like it has to disclaim that aliens caused their sudden and unexplained shutdown, what are we to think?  Aliens, that’s what we think!  After the Colin Kaepernick Nike ad an Arkansas man decided to sit out front of a Nike store and wave a “thin blue line” flag.  What did the Mike store do about the cop supporter?  Call the cops, of course!  Has New York gone soft on drugs?  Vending machines popped up that sell crack pipes!

After the real and comedy Facebook posts about the Weather Channel reporter appearing to fight to stand against the winds of Florence (while two men walked calmly behind him in the shot), can we believe the reports we get from storm reporters?  It looks like Melissa Howard was right; the State Attorney in Manatee County has no interest in prosecuting her for the fake diploma that killed her political career.  While this is not an unusual resolution for a first time non-violent offender, does it send a strong enough message to those who lie in campaigns?  Gambling expansion will be a battleground in the upcoming election.  Disney and Native Americans will face off against gaming interests for the ballot measure that should be handled by the legislature. 

The Bret Kavanaugh last minute allegations of his acts at 17 years of age (if true) have thrown a wrench into the confirmation process.  Kavanaugh has denied the allegations and his classmate at the time, also named in the accusation, says the same.  Should this derail the process when none of this surfaced previously?  Is the accusation credible to you?  Welcome to Monday on BML.


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