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09.10.18- The Kicker’s Tiara

While the NFL and collegiate football seasons are off and running, maybe the most compelling image of the past football weekend was the kicker with the tiara.

Ocean Springs High School in Mississippi held Homecoming festivities before Friday night’s game with George County High.  The Homecoming Queen and her court were recognized and then the queen did something rather unusual.

She ran to the locker room and changed from her gown into her football uniform. Senior Kaylee Foster has been the place kicker for Ocean Springs since her sophomore year.

Kaylee had two big wins on Friday night.  She was elected Homecoming Queen and she accounted for 7 of her team’s points in the 13-12 win, including the game winning extra point.

When asked which event made her more nervous, Kaylee said she was not sure she’d be elected queen, but she was pretty sure she’s make that kick!

How do you like that, a queen with spunk!


09.11.18- NASA, You’re Welcome

Over a decade ago I had an idea.  I brought it to the radio show and was swiftly ridiculed for thinking it could work.

Of course I am not a NASA engineer and know nothing of the requirements of getting vehicles and humans into space.  I am an advertiser of sorts and I see the value advertising brings to our clients at WMMB.

And there is the idea…why should a space station or vehicle not be adorned like a NASCAR vehicle?  I proposed it then, NASA is considering it now.

The naysayers are coming up with false flag excuses as they don’t completely understand the plan.  It’s not to enrich the astronauts, but to supplement the space program’s budget.

The possibilities are as vast as space itself and the creativity of the advertising world would have a chance to shine.

By the way, this is not a new idea.  Like I said I talked it over a decade ago and the Russians have capitalized on it with a Pizza Hut rocket logo in 1999.

It is an idea whose time has come.  You’re welcome, NASA!


09.12.18- DoorDash Dumb Dumbs

Put yourself in the place of a restaurant owner.  You put your business plan, menu and staff together and open for business.  Your business is good and people like the product.

Then, along comes some 3rd party guy who wants to take advantage of your success and meddles in your business.  How would you react?  Maybe just like some Brevard restaurants are.

DoorDash offers to pick up and deliver restaurant food to folks to can’t or don’t want to go to the restaurant or pick up their own take out.  The problem: DoorDash has no formal agreement with the restaurant and deliveries have been missed all together or sporadic.

Is it DoorDash that takes the heat for the bad service or cold food?  Nope those complaints and the bad reputation go to the restaurant, who in some cases had no idea the carry out orders were through a service.

Absent a formal agreement DoorDash is sneaking into the relationship between the restaurant and the customer and they are both victims.

I hope they dash out of town real soon!


09.13.18- Trekkie, NOT a Techie

If you know me, you know I love Science Fiction, especially Star Trek.  While that may earn me a label as a Trekkie (an incorrect label, by the way, I have never been to a convention), I am certainly not a Techie!

That’s why I am amazed at us as Apple unveiled the latest incarnation of the iPhone.  I am sure the new tech is fantastic, just as I am sure that I have not unlocked all of the capabilities of my now 3 generations behind iPhone 6s.

With all my phone can do, I can not imagine having one that does even more, even faster and for an even longer period of time. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea, but I also am amazed at the cost.  Of course, new technology is more expensive than the old.  In fact the price of the old drops when the new comes into play.  That explains my iPhone being the older model.

But for a grand or more, I can sure stick with the old before jumping headfirst into the new that my grandkids would have to teach me how to operate anyway!


09.14.18- Crucify Her!

I know it sounds like the masses when Pontius Pilot asked what he should do with Jesus, but when it comes to Melissa Howard- the former Manatee County candidate for the Florida House, crucify her seems to be the appropriate response.

This crucifixion will be political, if it comes about at all, but it is well deserved.  Howard, for reasons only she can fathom, claimed a degree from Miami University of Ohio that she had not in fact earned.

No degree was necessary for the job she sought; she had a stellar reputation prior to this and she was in the race for the nomination.  The lie took her out, although reluctantly on her part.

The Sheriff is recommending charges and has forwarded a report to the State Attorney’s office.  The discretion is the State Attorney’s.  She won’t do jail time and any sentence will be a slap on the wrist.

But the important part is the message it sends to other candidates about lying to the electorate.  Just maybe some political types will learn a lesson!

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