Brevard's Hurricane Complacency

I suppose, “Bring those buns over here, please,” will be a problem at your local McDonald’s.  Employees across the country, including in Orlando, are planning a strike over sexual harassment policy at the burger chain.  While harassment is the stated issue, it would appear there is another agenda at work here.

I recall kids dreading speaking in front of their class.  I recall nervousness over speaking in front of my college speech class.  Kids are now pleading for the practice in middle and high schools to stop.  I’m not so sure that‘s a good idea.

Remember Melissa Howard?  She was the Manatee County Florida House candidate who faked her college diploma and tried to claim the media had it wrong in reporting she didn’t have one.  She went so far as to produce a photo with a fake diploma being held be she and her mother.  The Sheriff is recommending she be charged with intent to defraud the voters of the district.  The question is: will the State Attorney agree?

In a Brevard Court Judge Robin Lemonidis denied John DeRossett’s attempt at claiming stand your ground in a shootout with Brevard Deputies.  When you run a prostitution operation out of your house I suppose it’s pretty tough to claim that you believed the guys with bullet proof vests and badges are trying to steal your hooker moneymaker!

Hurricane Florence is now battering the Carolina coast.  With the slow travel speed even the reduced intensity of the storm is not much comfort.  The rain and winds seem parked as rain continues to fall and category 2 winds batter the coastline.  We are no strangers to hurricane threats, but do we take them seriously?  Florida Today’s Jim Waymer wrote about that earlier this week and Jim joins us in our 8am hour to talk about it.


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