When Actual Police Become PC Police

We often refer to the PC police as those who would monitor and critique behavior they deem offensive to some group.  It’s not so funny when the actual police want to play along.  It’s also stupid.  Serena Williams’ favorite umpire is being heard from.  I’m pretty sure he’ll be OK.

If your company has a sense of corporate responsibility to certain groups and launches a campaign, make sure it launches in context.  One clothing line seems to have adopted fat shaming as a way to encourage plus size ladies!  It’s not being well received.  Here’s a boost to your ego, the new iPhones are here and for around a grand you can boost your technological self esteem!

Evergreen State may have the reputation as the most racist and liberal institution in the country, but they are paying the price for it.  Amendment 10 is secure for the November ballot and the battle will begin on how you should vote.  EFSC professor Nicole James has a good column in Florida Today on the necessity of a free press.

Let’s get a Thursday rolling on BML.


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