WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: The things we see as best!

Your day…your topics…it’s up to you.  Just in case you aren’t quite ready we have these stories in play for our WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.  A Melbourne arrest shows the bad guy how wrong he was when he told the cops our laws don’t apply to him.  We have selected our favorite restaurants and other things…can you believe Taco Bell was rated the best Mexican restaurant?  Who did they interview, stoners?  While we are talking restaurants one of those deliver to you from the restaurant services is causing a problem.

As if police in the UK didn’t have enough to do, now they want to take on people being offended.  The county commission has given first approval to the budget (apparently they get along better working than they do in a campaign).  Governor Scott is facing the task of appointing three new Supreme Court justices…and he may invite his replacement to play along.  But, like we said, it’s your day…what’s on your mind?


Suspect: Laws don’t apply to me!  Cops: Ha! Try this on for size!

Restaurants we define as BEST

Restaurants don’t like DoorDash and you can’t blame them

UK police becoming PC police and it’s not welcome

Commission gives first approval to budget

No borrowing to pay Blue Origin…no appeal either

DeSantis resigns from congress for governor run

New governor and Scott could face Supreme decisions


Insights on our new Superintendent

BPS dumping Edline to modernize

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