Tuesday: NASA listens to Bill!

NASA, you’re welcome.  I tossed out an idea over a decade ago and finally you’re talking about picking it up!  And yes, if you allow it, they will come.  Rocket boosters that look like Energizer batteries or a crew vehicle with the Energizer bunny on the side may not be far off.  The options are vast and the pockets deep.

The college comedian circuit may be close to done.  The snowflakes at today’s colleges can’t handle comedy if it involves making fun of someone.  Thank goodness these kids weren’t around for Don Rickles or the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts!  One NFL player, no a bunch of them have shown us why they deserve our support.

With multiple storms in the Atlantic it makes sense to think about what happens when and if…and we don’t.  Do women have it better than men?  Contrary to the cries of the feminists, one female columnist would not trade places with guys for anything!  I mean, who takes up for whining athletes that are men?  A cartoonist is being raked over the coals for his depiction of her tirade at the US Open.  She is the one who should be ashamed!

The county commission won’t appeal the court ruling that said money can’t be borrowed to pay incentives to Blue Origin.  That’s a good thing.  Ron DeSantis has resigned from Congress to focus on his run for the governor’s office.  We’ll see how much we can get to on today’s BML.


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