Family, Football and Florida Ballots

The NFL got under way as the college game entered its second full week.  But, one high school game is worth of attention.  Rarely are kickers the focus no matter how important they actually are.  Being homecoming queen didn’t hurt this kicker one bit!

In Brevard politics, Jack Smink is homeless again and sign disposal is the stated reason.  Former Brevard Superintendent of Schools Desmond Blackburn reached out after last week to clarify his stance on school safety.

Statewide, Pam Bondi is fighting for the ill-crafted Constitution Revision Commission’s amendments for the November ballot.  I wish she’d stop!  The Florida Supreme Court has ruled on 4 amendments and we get mixed results.  A federal judge in Tallahassee says the 32 counties in question have to produce SAMPLE BALLOTS in Spanish and he was a smartass while doing it.

Nationally former president Obama took shots at what he called conspiracy theorists and he made the mistake of including Benghazi in the mix.  One survivor didn’t take well to the shot and fired back…and he’s already proven to be lethal!  President Trump constantly beats the media’s anti-Trump push.  One columnist points it out and then says why…it’s largely what I was telling Florida Today’s Isadora Rangel last week on TV.

Welcome to the talk week!


Homecoming Queen…kicks winning field goal

Smink party-less…again

Blackburn reaches out to correct FT story

Bondi fights for amendments (bad call)

FL Supremes rule on 4 proposed amendments

Judge rules SAMPLE BALLOTS must include Spanish

Benghazi hero takes on Obama comments

How President Trump beats the media spin

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