Transparent Tobia- snatching something from the jaws of defeat

How did it get to be Friday already?  3 days of vacation will do that to the week! 

As we wrap the week together we’ll look at London getting as good as it gave, a parent setting up her daughter for confrontation at school, Lawnmower parents, the transparency of John Tobia’s political maneuverings, Desmond Blackburn trying to keep schools targets and an hour with Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi that includes Pittsburgh going without a daily paper, NASA’s plans for manned flights and the Florida governor’s race.


London: Good for the Goose…

If you set your kid up for confrontation, be sure she can handle it

Lawnmower parents…why our kids lay in grocery aisles to get their way

Transparent Tobia tries to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat

Blackburn goes anti-safety with schools commission

Pittsburgh- largest city without a daily paper

NASA: manned flight from here in 2019

Gabordi: Clean up governor’s race

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