BML Thursday: He's Baaaack...and so is Big Brother

Some time away from the pace of the primary election was just what the doctor ordered, if you can call two television shows regarding election outcome and a column addressing the same as time away.  I did have a great trip to South Florida visiting a dear friend and watching West Virginia spank Tennessee in the open to the college football season!  I did some extensive reading and saw some good TV along the way.

Today it’s back to the grind as we look at artificial intelligence, 9/11 memorials, interacting with police, nonpartisan politics, the future of elections in Florida and just what happens when your congressman is an auctioneer…and it’s hilarious.

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us at 7:42 as the primary wraps up and the general is in limbo.


Big brother Skynet is watching you

College says 9/11 memorials upset Muslims

How to: a class on interacting with police

There are NO nonpartisan races

Do amendments stay on November ballot?

Spanish ballots impossible by November

Gillum plans tax hike, tries to avoid talking it

Gillum’s trip records not so clean?

When your congressman is an auctioneer

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