WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Election Results Edition

It was a night of expected results and the occasional upset, the biggest of which was Andrew Gillum taking the Democratic nomination for governor.  Locally it appears truth and issues defeated lies and innuendo in both a county commission race and one for the state house.  A newcomer defeated what most thought would be a shoe-in in the other commission race and a long term school board member is out in favor of two newcomers who face off in November.  Palm Bay ousted Tres Holton as his opponents move to November as do Jeff Bailey and another newcomer for the seat Bailey currently holds.

It was a runaway for Ron DeSantis and Ashley Moody with margins larger than expected for both of them.  Adam Putnam displayed class not seen in his primary campaign in vowing to work with DeSantis to reach a win in November.

In all, a night of surprises was brought on by Brevard’s record turnout for an off-year primary election.  Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will join us at 7:42 to talk about the turnout, Election Day and when and how the results become official.


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