This week's MICKnuggets: 08.27-29.18

08.27.18- Polls, Pundits & Reality

The experts and pollsters have weighed in and here is what they believe:

Ron DeSantis will face off with Gwen Graham for the governorship in November.  The polls and pundits agree.

The polls call other statewide races too close to call, but the pundits aren’t driven by polls, they have experience and intuition on these things.

In spite of polling the Tampa Bay Times panel of 200 has Ashley Moody winning the Republican Attorney General nomination with 62% of them agreeing.

47% believe Denise Grimsley will carry the Agriculture Commissioner race for the Republicans.

Their thoughts on the Democratic races are similarly confident with large margins.

Here is the reality: None of them, the pollsters or the pundits and their ideas or results matter.  What matters is the vote tally and that is up to you.

If you haven’t already, voting is tomorrow and it’s your say that counts!


08.28.18- You ain’t from the South, are ya?

I can not believe this actually happened!  A teacher in North Carolina was upset her 5th grade student called her “ma’am.”

You ain’t from around here, are ya?  Are you from New York City?

You see, darlin’, here in the south ma’am is a term of respect.  It is not optional for our children; it’s expected, no. demanded of them.  If you didn’t understand that before moving south to begin teaching, well, bless your heart.

She made the kid write “ma’am” on every inch of his notebook paper, front and back.  She was also dumb enough to send it home for a parent’s signature.  Oh, she got the signature, and a lesson in writing from the student on the meaning of ma’am and its intent.

Maybe Hank Williams, Jr. said it best:

“We grace, we say ma’am, if you ain’t  into that we don’t give a damn”

Yep, pretty much sums it up…darlin”

08.29.18- It was nasty, It’s now over…and it’s about to begin again!

The Primary Election season was the ugliest in my memory.  Lies, deceit and hidden money funding personal attacks were the rule of the day.

That ended last night as the voters spoke and they turned back most candidates, even statewide, who lied or played the horrible games we saw in the election.

Ahhh, I am glad it’s over.  But don’t relax too much.  It’s about to begin again.

Once this election is certified and the courts decide what constitutional amendments will make the General Election ballot we’ll do it all again.

Mailers, TV and radio commercials will be hammering us to vote for this candidate or that amendment and we will have to do the work all over again.

Diligent voters turned back the lies this time.  Sadly it’s become our job in election season.

We need better people in this game!

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