Punishing Polite- it should never happen in the South!

It’s down to the wire- Election Day.  The lies, deception and twisted facts of the past few months will come to a close and the people will have their say.  Will be buy the lies and accept that this is what our politics will be from now on, or will we send a message to those who pervert the process and refute their tactics?  Thursday’s INSIDER column will look at those results and what they say about us.  If you aren’t an INSIDER, sign up at the top of this page with the link under my photo.  Polls open at 7am, close at 7pm and results will start pouring in almost immediately after.  Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will update us at 7:42 and you can stay on top of wait times and more at VoteBrevard.com.

Would be political commentator who happened to have a job reporting sports, Jemele Hill, is out at ESPN.  The network just may be taking a step back to being credible in the sports world.  Also out of place is one North Carolina teacher who disciplined a child for doing what all children in the south are taught: being polite and respectful.

Sunday’s Jacksonville shooter had a history of mental illness and Florida Today’s John Torres is coming to a sad realization in the wake of that tragedy.

Yet another constitutional amendment has been tossed from the November ballot.  An appeal is likely and time is short to set the General Election ballot.  We’ll take a final look at polling leading into today’s election and I will take a look at my votes and see which I think have a chance of being successful.


Hill out at ESPN

Should never happen in NC of all places!

Jax shooter had history of mental illness

Torres: Jax shooting proves we aren’t safe

Another amendment tossed

A final look at polls before the counting begins

Pittsburgh- largest city without a daily paper

NASA: manned flight from here in 2019

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