Mick's Morning News: 08.27.18

Shooting Suspect Upset After Losing Tournament (Jacksonville, FL) -- One witness believes anger over a loss may have been the motivation behind a deadly shooting. Three people, including suspected shooter David Katz, are dead after yesterday's shooting at Jacksonville Landing.

It happened during a video game tournament for Madden NFL 19, and investigators have not revealed a motive. A fellow competitor, though, tells the Florida Times-Union the 24-year-old Katz was upset that he didn't win.

UF Health Jacksonville Still Treating Two Shooting Victims  (Jacksonville, FL) -- One person hurt in the Jacksonville Landing shooting remains in serious condition. That patient is one of just two still being treated at UF Health Jacksonville, and the hospital said last night the other patient is in good condition.

The hospital received six patients, and the other four have been discharged. Three people, including the suspected shooter, were killed and 11 people were hurt.

Tributes For McCain  (Washington, DC) -- Central Florida Congress members from both sides of the aisle are paying tribute to John McCain after his passing this weekend.

Republican Ron DeSantis called the senator a true Navy legend, and Republican Dennis Ross says McCain exemplified the best this country has to offer. On the Democratic side, Stephanie Murphy says, as a Vietnamese refugee, she'll always treasure the memory of visiting Vietnam with him, and she praised him as a patriot, a hero and a maverick. Val Demings says McCain dedicated his life to the greater good and inspired us through his humanity, and Darren Soto thanked McCain for his service, his courage and his candor.

Religious Groups Unite Against Violence  (Melbourne, FL) -- Rather than complain about the violence, Brevard County religious leaders are trying to shine a light on it. That's what Bishop Merton Clark said this weekend at a peace rally in Melbourne at the New Shiloh Christian Center.

Almost two dozen people have been murdered this year in Brevard, and almost half of the victims were black. Sheriff Wayne Ivey called on parents to be the chief law enforcement officer in a child's life, and one woman tells Florida Today we need to reach the hearts of the young men responsible for the violence.

Snake Bites Principal Of Arkansas School  (Hector, AR) -- An Arkansas snake isn't leaving a second-grade classroom without a fight. The snake was found coiled up in the corner of a second-grade classroom at Hector Elementary school.

The students were evacuated from the room and Principal Kara Rohr, a former Arkansas State Parks employee, handled the situation. She captured the serpent but not without receiving a small bite on her thumb. The nonvenomous snake was released into the wild a safe distance from the school.

Trucker Hauling 40-Thousand Pounds Of Hershey Products Crashed In Bethlehem  (Bethlehem, PA) -- Traffic on Interstate 470 in Pennsylvania is flowing again after a massive chocolate spill. Bethlehem police say a tractor-trailer hauling a large load of Hershey products slid into a ditch last Thursday morning and dropped 40-thousand-pounds of the treats into a backyard.

The driver apparently lost control of the truck but luckily wasn't hurt. It did create a traffic headache for some but the roads were re-opened a little while later.


2007, Atlanta Falcons NFL quarterback Michael Vick asked for forgiveness and apologized for his actions after formally pleading guilty to his involvement in an illegal dogfighting ring. The NFL suspended Vick indefinitely for his actions.

1996, golfer Tiger Woods announced he was turning pro and would join the PGA Tour immediately.

1990, Vanilla Ice released "Ice Ice Baby."

1984, President Ronald Reagan announced schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe would become the first "citizen astronaut" to fly aboard the space shuttle. McAuliffe died in the Challenger disaster.

1964, Disney's "Mary Poppins" was released.

1950, the United States Army seized all U.S. railroads to prevent a strike. 

1945, American troops began landing in Japan following the surrender of the Japanese government at the end of World War Two.

1939, the Heinkel H-E 178 made its maiden flight. It was the world's first jet propelled airplane.

1921, Green Bay, Wisconsin, was awarded an NFL franchise.

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