Jacksonville Shooting, Election Tomorrow- Predictions and Polls

We begin the week in the wake of a shooting in Jacksonville that resulted in 4 deaths; that tally includes the gunman.  We’ll get the latest details from NBC’s Bill Zimpher at 6:26. 

Should children and their employers pay for the sins of their fathers?  It appears that’s how things are headed in today world of NASCAR sponsorships.  It’s a strange story.  A college professor has cancelled office hours because concealed carry is allowed on his campus.  Maybe he needs a permit and a gun? There is a stand your ground hearing today in the shooting of a Brevard deputy in 2015. 

Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will give us one more pre-election day look at voting in Brevard at 7:42. The election is tomorrow (thank God!) and we have a look at final polling predictions leading up to the big day (that’s been going on for weeks).  We’ll also see what Florida’s political insiders are saying about the election and we have a local push for Spanish on our ballots as we begin an interesting week on BML.


Jax shooting at MADDEN 19 tournament

Sins of the father

Prof cancels office hours over guns

Stand your ground hearing today in 2015 deputy shooting

Pundit Primary Predictions

Final polling before the count

Spanish ballots?  Try integrating!

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