Here's Your Trigger Warning: DROP THE CLASS!

Crosley Green has been in prison almost 3 decades.  There are indications that he did not commit the crime.  Florida Today’s John Torres is with us at 8am to talk the story and why Pam Bondi is fighting a new trial.

We’ll begin our daddy in the sports and social issues world as the president is after ESPN to change their national anthem policy and our society is after your boss to police your behavior at home.  We have a college professor getting the whole trigger warning thing right, a court with more sense than the county commission and an election update from Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott.  Early voting ends tomorrow evening at 4 and the early voting polls are open until 6 tonight.


Mr. President, anything better to do?

Meyer out 3 games for admin issues

Finally a prof gets this right

Court has more sense than commission

Pundit Primary Predictions

Torres: Bondi fighting the evidence

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