Mick's Morning News: 08.06.18

Shots Fired At Peace In The City Cookout  (Titusville, FL) -- A vendor at a cookout is credited with stopping a shooting in Brevard County. The shooting this weekend happened at a Peace in the City cookout in Titusville at Isaac Campbell Park.

Police believe the shooter was in a fight earlier in the day, and he fired at least a dozen shots before a vendor with a concealed carry permit returned fire. The shooter suffered life-threatening injuries, but no one else was hurt.  Police say they're extremely grateful the situation wasn't any worse.

Sheriff Defends Deadly Deputy-Involved Shooting  (DeLand, FL) -- While a friend of a man shot and killed by a Volusia County Deputy over the weekend doesn’t believe the shooting was necessary, Sheriff Mike Chitwood says the deputy was justified in the act. 

The shooting happened Friday night in Seville when Deputy Brandon Watson responded to a home for a domestic violence call. Emmanuel Alquisiras grabbed Deputy Brandon Watson's Taser.  The deputy then shot the suspect who died.  Chitwood tells the Daytona Beach News-Journal if Watson had been tased, Alquisiras could have taken his gun, and if Watson lost his gun, everyone could have died.

Man Shoots Service Dog  (Miami Beach, FL) -- A man who shot a service dog claims he was attacked. The shooting happened yesterday afternoon in Miami Beach. Matt Ellis says he shot a woman's pit bull when it bit his arm. The dog was taken to an animal hospital, and 7News reports it's expected to recover.

Teachers Fired For Failing Standardized Test  (Undated) -- Teachers in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties have lost their jobs. Sixteen teachers across the two counties were fired this summer for failing the Florida Teacher Certification Exam, or FTCE, but there's some question if the tests are a case of one-size-fits all.

An arts teacher at Escambia High School says she failed the test because of her low math score, which she says has no relevance to her subject. Santa Rosa County's superintendent told the News Journal last week he supports the testing, but he wants it to be appropriate for each teacher's field of education.

Free Therapy For Weary Mets Fans  (New York, NY) -- A mental-health company is offering Mets fans free, confidential therapy sessions to help them deal with a troubled season. The New York Daily News reports UMA Health, a New York-based online mental health marketplace, is providing the help for folks who aren't able to see a therapist.

Folks can visit the UMA Health web site and put in their email addresses and most troubling Mets moment this year.  The company promises to get back to them with counseling options.

Headless Body Found In OK  (West Siloam Springs, OK) -- Multiple agencies are investigating a decapitated body found in the streets of Oklahoma. The Delaware County Sheriff's Office says someone called after running over the body, saying they thought it was a deer.

Officers in Siloam Springs say it wasn't a deer at all but rather headless remains found last Thursday off of Highway 412. They soon figured out it was human, not an animal body but it was in such bad shape they could not initially determine the gender.


1999, Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals got the 500th home run of his major league career. He also set a record for the fewest at-bats to hit the 500-home run mark.

1998, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky spent almost nine hours testifying before a grand jury about her relationship with President Clinton.

1986, Timothy Dalton became the fourth actor to play "James Bond."

1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law. The act outlawed discriminatory voting practices adopted in many southern states after the Civil War, including literacy tests as a prerequisite to voting. The law had an immediate impact. By the end of 1965, a quarter of a million new black voters had been registered to vote.

1945, at 8:15 EDT, the United States B-29 Super Fortress called the "Enola Gay" dropped a ten-foot long atomic bomb code named "Little Boy" on Hiroshima, Japan, killing an estimated 140-thousand people.

1890, Denton True 'Cy' Young pitched his first major-league baseball game. He led the Cleveland Spiders past the Chicago White Sox.

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