Mick's Morning News: 07.30.18

SpaceX Plans Rocket Launch For Next Weekend  (Cape Canaveral, FL) -- Night owls will be able to get a glimpse of a rocket launch next weekend. SpaceX recently indicated a launch of a Falcon 9 will take off from Cape Canaveral late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

The rocket will carry a communications satellite that will provide coverage to Indonesia, India and parts of Southeast Asia. Florida Today reports at least two more rocket launches are already planned for next month.

Lightning Strike Causes House Fire  (Ormond Beach, FL) -- A lightning strike is being blamed for a house fire in Volusia County. It happened last week in Ormond Beach on Northbrook Drive.

Firefighters say lightning hit the home and started a fire on the roof. No one was hurt, but the house sustained 45-thousand dollars worth of damage.

Transgender Student Wins In Dispute With St. Johns County School District  (St. Augustine, FL) -- A transgender student will be allowed to use the boys room when school begins. A Federal judge ruled in favor of Drew Adams, who was born a girl.

The 17-year-old sued the district because it said Drew had to use a gender neutral restroom. The judge says the district policy is unconstitutional.

Disney Purchase Of 21st Century Fox Approved  (Orlando, FL) -- Disney employees in Orlando are excited about an agreement reached to purchase most of 21st Century Fox. Shareholders from both corporations have approved the 71-billion dollar deal.

Disney will own Fox's movie studio, and cable channels like FX and National Geographic. Fox keeps Fox News, Fox Sports and Fox Broadcasting Network.

Woman Accused Of Shoplifting With Stealth Bags  (San Antonio, TX) -- Charges are being filed in Texas against a woman accused of stealing from a mall using a bag that hinders security tags. Police in San Antonio say Karena Brown was taking items with a shopping bag lined with a material that kept security tags from setting off exit alarms.

They say Brown was shoplifting with three other women last week from the city's North Star Mall. Police caught them in a car with about a thousand dollars' worth of stolen goods. Brown is charged with organized criminal activity but the charges against the others are unclear.


2009, President Obama played host to Harvard Professor Henry Gates and Cambridge, Massachusetts Police Sergeant James Crowley in the White House Rose Garden. The meeting, dubbed the "beer summit" by some members of the media, was designed to reduce tensions created when Crowley arrested Gates at his home a few weeks earlier, and the President accused the police of acting "stupidly."

1999, the hit low-budget horror flick "The Blair Witch Project" opened in theaters around the country. The film only cost $60 thousand to produce, but managed to pull in more than $80 Million in about two weeks time.

Also in 1999, Linda Tripp was charged with illegal wiretapping in Maryland for recording her phone conversations with former White House Intern Monica Lewinsky. Tripp's recordings would later lead to the impeachment of President Clinton who initially lied about his affair with Lewinsky.

1975, former Teamsters Union President Jimmy Hoffa disappeared from the Detroit area, never to be heard from or seen again. Hoffa was declared legally dead in 1982.

1974, the House Judiciary Committee voted 21-17 on the final of three charges of "high crimes and misdemeanors" to impeach President Richard Nixon. Nixon resigned before the issue could come to trial.

1956, the phrase "In God We Trust" was adopted the national motto of the United States.

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