Rhinestone Cowboy? Ummm, No!

The weekend brought us no shortage of stories to peruse as we begin our week together.  From how not to try and enter a Texas nightclub to how democrats think about you and the NRA, the spectrum is covered in the story list below.  Kansas cops may be upset they are losing incentive to do the job (or not).  Sometimes your voices are heard in Hollywood.  While some states are actively trying to protect voter information, Florida doesn’t even try.  Superintendent Desmond Blackburn is prominently names in a story about the problems with discipline in Broward schools.  What did the Russians try with the Facebook ads they posted?  Bill Bennett takes on George Will and does it well!  I’ve also posted an interesting read on Alan Dershowitz and one that takes a look inside Cheyenne Mountain.  Welcome to the talk week!


How to get into a Texas nightclub (and survive)

There goes the incentive to be a cop!

Sometimes your voice is heard in Hollywood

States move to protect voter data…NOT Florida

FL/Brevard Dems delusional on mid-terms

What they think of you/the NRA

MSD district culture protects district, not students

Blackburn named in story citing dangerous culture

What did Russians want to accomplish with Facebook ads?

Since when was George Will a conservative?

A great read on the consistency and smarts of Alan Dershowitz

Worth a look: Inside Cheyenne Mountain

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