Mick's Morning News: 05.14.18

Sen. Nelson Visits Pulse Memorial (Orlando, FL) -- A visit to the Pulse memorial reminds Senator Bill Nelson of another iconic memorial. Nelson visited the temporary memorial this weekend in Orlando, and he compared it to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington.

He says seeing the memorial outside the nightclub was overwhelming and very emotional. The "Orlando Sentinel" reported Nelson’s visit.

Cruz' Brother Moves To Virginia  (Parkland, FL) -- Nikolas Cruz' brother is trying to start a new life in a new state. Zachary Cruz moved yesterday to Northern Virginia where he'll finish high school while his brother awaits trial for the deadly school shooting in Broward County.

A group called Nexus Services that helps those released from prison has a job lined up for Zachary, and they'll be in charge of monitoring him. Nexus Services' CEO tells the "South Florida Sun Sentinel" Zachary has been demonized by his brother's actions and the move will give him a fresh start.

School Defends Use Of Live Tiger At Prom  (Miami, FL) -- A high school in Miami-Dade is defending its controversial prom guest. Christopher Columbus High School had a caged tiger at last week's jungle-themed prom at the Doubletree Hilton Miami Airport Convention Center.

Some at the prom thought it was animal abuse, but the school says the tiger was never in danger and was only displayed for a few minutes. A 'Zoo Miami' spokesman tells the "Miami Herald" the tiger looks stressed in the pictures he saw, and he wonders what the school was thinking.

Family Chased By Cheetahs At Safari Park  (Netherlands) -- A family of five is lucky to be okay after they were chased by cheetahs at a safari park in the Netherlands. A video filmed by visitors at the Safari Park show the family, which includes small children, get out of their car to get a closer look at some cheetahs.

The cats responded to the invasion of privacy by chasing the people back to their vehicle. The video shows a cheetah lunging at a woman with a small child in her arms before making it back to the car. A park manager said guests are warned not to get out of their vehicles.

South Florida Man Facing Charges, Accused Of Biting His Dog  (Lantana, FL) -- A Florida man is accused of biting a dog has been charged with animal cruelty. The "Palm Beach Post" reports Patrick Campbell was arrested last week and told sheriff's deputies he bit the animal to establish his dominance.

Officers say Campbell's two roommates told them he frequently beats the two-year-old Husky and this most recent attack was a bite to the ear.


2010, Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off for its final planned flight in the space shuttle program after a quarter century of service.

2003, a New York jury rejected the NAACP's claim that gun makers are liable for handgun murders. The civil rights group had argued that gun makers and distributors had not done enough to stop gun violence in urban and black communities. But the jury said there wasn't enough evidence.

1985, the original McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois, was transformed into the first museum of the fast-food business.

1973, America's first space station Skylab One launched into orbit on this date.

1969, the last Chevrolet Corvair rolled of the line at the Willow Run assembly plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

1948, Israel was proclaimed an independent state.

1804, the Lewis and Clark Expedition left St. Louis, Missouri on a mission to explore the Northwest from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.

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