Mick's Morning News: 04.09.18

Man Suffers Serious Burns In Kitchen Fire  (Palm Bay, FL) -- A man is dealing with serious burns after a cooking fire. The Palm Bay man was hurt yesterday afternoon in a fire that started in his kitchen on Silverfrost Street. A Fire-Rescue official says the man suffered burns on his legs, arms and face. "Florida Today" reports he was airlifted to a burn unit at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Teacher Arrested For Not Disclosing Inappropriate Relationship  (Winter Park, FL) -- A teacher is facing charges for keeping a secret he should have told police. Lake Howell High School theater teacher James Brendlinger was arrested last week after Seminole County deputies say he admitted to not disclosing an inappropriate relationship. Deputies say a female student told him last month that she was having sex with an adult volunteer, but he never told school officials or law enforcement. She told school officials over a week later, and, in addition to criminal charges, Brendlinger is on paid leave.

Scott To Announce Senate Run In Orlando  (Orlando, FL) -- Governor Rick Scott is expected to announce this morning in Orlando that he will run for senate against Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. A poll released a couple months ago showed a potentially close race, and a Democratic consultant says things outside the control of either candidate could decide the outcome. Dania Beach State Rep. Evan Jenne tells the "Gatehouse Capitol Bureau" the race will affect every other contest on the ballot, from governor to legislative races.

Fireworks Cause Scare At Mall  (Orlando, FL) -- Fireworks are responsible for causing a scare that led to injuries and a robbery at the Florida Mall. Panic spread briefly through the mall last night as shoppers thought they heard gunshots. Eleven people were hurt trying to escape, and five of them were taken to the hospital. Orange County deputies say someone set off fireworks inside the mall to cause a distraction while robbing a jewelry store.

99-year-old Pittsburgh Pirates Usher Is Retiring  (Pittsburgh, PA) -- An usher for the Pittsburgh Pirates is redefining workplace dedication. Ninety-nine-year-old Phil Coyne, who has worked for the team since 1936, is retiring. Coyne assisted fans first at Forbes Field, then Three Rivers Stadium and then PNC Park. Coyne's only sabbatical was when he served in the military in World War Two. The Pirates will throw a party for the World War Two veteran on April 27th, Coyne's 100th birthday. Coyne is the oldest usher in the major league, after working for 81 seasons.

Fortune Teller Arrested In Pennsylvania  (Beaver County, PA) -- A Pennsylvania fortune teller is going to face a judge after allegedly milking clients out of thousands-of-dollars. Sophey Mills is accused of charging clients to rid them of evil spirits and to give them tarot card readings. However, fortune telling in the state is a crime even though it's not typically enforced. Customers found her through Groupon and complained about being ripped off. She is facing several charges, including theft. HAD SHE BEEN LEGIT, SHE WOULD HAVE SEEN IT COMING!


2005 Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles. The wedding came eight years after the death of Princess Diana.

1981 the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine USS George Washington accidentally collided with the Japanese cargo ship Nissho Maru, sinking it.

1959, America's first astronauts were introduced to the American people. The seven men were military test pilots chosen by NASA to take part in the agency's first manned space flights.

1942 the largest contingency of U.S. soldiers ever to surrender were taken captive by the Japanese. About 66-thousand Americans and 12-thousand Filipinos became prisoners of war. They were led on a 55-mile walk that would become known as the Bataan Death March. Thousands died of starvation, illness or at the hands of their captors.

1940 Germany invaded Norway. The attack was a surprise to the neutral country and its British defenders. The invasion put several key strategic points under Nazi control.

1881 famed outlaw Billy the Kid was convicted of murder for the killing of a New Mexico sheriff. The trial lasted one day and Kid was sentenced to hang. Kid managed to escape, but was shot dead by Sheriff Pat Garrett a short time later.

1865, Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered, ending the Civil War. Lee was facing certain defeat with supplies running low and desertions rampant. By the time he surrendered his 28-thousand troops; Union soldiers led by Ulysses S. Grant had the confederates surrounded.

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