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If you are an upstart professional football league what can bring you credibility?  Experienced and admired coaches who have connected with fans.  The Alliance of American Football may just be tapping into them. 

Polygraph examinations have long been out in criminal courts.  In fact, I am pretty sure they have never been in.  Has a recent federal appeals court decision changed that?

Rockledge High School may have answered last week’s web poll.  Students there walked out in favor of the 2nd Amendment and the school allowed it and in some measure supported it.

Representative Randy Fine has drawn even more of the press he appears to love…this time from the Tampa Bay Times Buzz section, and oh, from one other place- media darling David “Boss” ‘Hogg of Douglas High school.  The “can’t get into UCLA” student who has taken on Laura Ingraham and Fox News Channel is also going after Arby’s (for not dumping Ingraham’s program from their advertising plan) and Senator John McCain (for taking money from the NRA).  The media has falsely inflated this kids’ value and is probably not doing him any favors in the long run.  His temper tantrums know no bounds, as long as there is a television camera within eyesight.

Back to the school safety issue, which Hogg and others have hijacked with gun control, Florida Today is misinformed and flat out wrong as it addresses the school guarding program. 

As election season heats up a meaningless headline for Dave Berman’s weekend column points to technical errors as opposed to ethics (see last week’s arrest of John Tice if you want to talk real ethics issues) and governor Rick Scott has signed a resign to run bill that will have some state office holders thinking about what they do now.  While it’s early, I got my first mailer of the county commission race over the weekend and it’s ill timed, ill advised, not especially well written or accurate and it violates rule 1 of campaigning.  Want to venture a guess from whence it came?  Desperation leads to mistakes.  If this is any indication, somebody is already desperate and the filing period is not close to closing.

While we aren’t likely to get to all of that I hope you will enjoy our 8am hour as much as I will.  In that hour Steve Berry, bestselling author and the first to grab me like Tom Clancy did with the Jack Ryan series, joins us as we talk about his latest release: The Bishop’s Pawn.  Steve’s work is compelling and has caused me to miss Olympic Hockey and Curling, naps, sleep in general as I cannot put his novels down!  Given how much I enjoy his work, I wanted to share it with you.  Steve wraps each of his books in history and he weaves stories of intrigue, treasure, adventure and politics into a world that you can‘t escape…and you don’t want to.  I hope to touch on The Lost Order and maybe a few others as we chat with Steve this morning.


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