Last Monday afternoon I received this email from our automated system at

From: Elaine  

Subject: Program Director Listener Email 

Message: This is to Bill Mick - a total well you know what rhymes with Mick! You are exactly the reason women are fed up! Go back to your 1950's mode and grab your apron-wearing wife and shove off to Russia - I hear they love types like you! 

Would like a reply? Yes  

After writing a reply that was in kind as far as tone and intent, I decided to ask you INSIDERS at to give me your thoughts on just how I should reply to Elaine.  You did have impact.  While many loved my original but edited response, others encouraged me to be the bigger person and reply with kindness.  I have decided a blend of both may be warranted.  Here is the reply I sent Elaine on Monday:

Dear Elaine-

I am in receipt of your email dated Monday, last and have taken some time contemplating my response. In fact, I asked the usual readers of my weekly web column to offer their advice on how best to reply. After considering their responses and how I may have chosen to reply, I have decided to say this:

I never expect anyone, much less everyone, to agree with my takes on issues or how I deliver them. It’s apparent that you are in that dissenting category, but from your email I can not determine what or why. I considered offering you a list of words rhyming with Mick to complete your email, but decided against that. You could have laid that portion out if you so chose. Yet, I still don’t see a point of contention over the issues we discuss on the show or that I write about for the web or Florida Today.

If you would like to clarify your dissatisfaction, I would ask you to call the show at 321-768-1240 any Wednesday morning between 6am and 9am to lay it out for us. Then you and I can have a discussion over whatever is rubbing you the wrong way. On WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAYS I allow callers to bring up any topic and that would seem the best chance for us to reach some resolution to your dissatisfaction.

If not, please know your email was received and considered without determination of just what it was that was ailing you.

Thanks for emailing WMMB.

Bill Mick

Program Director- WMMB, Host of Bill Mick LIVE


Thanks for your help…I won’t hold my breath for a phone call on Wednesday!

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