MICKnugget: 03.23.18

Fortunately for Florida there was more discernment from the Constitution Revision Commission than we saw from the Florida Legislature this year.  While the legislature passed gun control measures under alleged republican leadership, the commission turned back efforts by an alleged republican to enshrine those very measures in the Florida Constitution.

Miami attorney Roberto Martinez, apparently not wanting to let a good crisis go to waste, tried to add gun control measures to the ballot for November that would protect the state by claiming it would make them constitutional.  The commission saw past his stunt and just said no.

The NRA filed suit shortly after the governor signed the bill placing those restrictions in Florida law.   Gee, Mr. Florida Lawyer, how does the state constitution protect from a Second Amendment challenge?  Or did they skip that part for Miami republicans in law school?

I’m glad the commission was smarter than the legislature on this one!

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