MICKnugget: 03.22.18

It’s a shame that political groups are using our children to further their social agenda goals and to raise funds for legislative action.  This weekend’s March for Our Lives events all over the country are an example.

The big event is Saturday in Washington, DC.  Smaller, “sibling” events are being held in towns across the country including here in Melbourne.

These local marches are ostensibly controlled by the students themselves.  But the biggie in DC is all about Everytown for Gun Safety, its agenda and fundraising for legislative action.

So are the local ones, really.  If you go to the marchforourlives.org web site and look around, you’ll see that every donation, every bit of merchandise sold benefits the Everytown group.

The kids may be local organizers, but sadly they are the tools of the Michael Bloomberg led group. Bloomberg and the group should be ashamed.  Parents should be angry.  And the kids, they should be educated.

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