It’s costing some big money, but it appears Brevard County is getting out of the golf business with two separate deals to divest the county of the responsibility.  They will also spend some big money on the beachside sewage system that failed after Hurricane Irma. 

3rd party voter groups are wreaking havoc with voters in Illinois and Brevard’s Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott has a warning for voters here.  This is just one reason the legislature should exempt voting records from Florida’s Sunshine laws. 

A school shooting was visited upon Maryland students yesterday, but this time the shooter is dead and an SRO is to thank for saving the kids under his care.  Back in Florida, Superintendent of Schools Desmond Blackburn has been named to the newly formed school safety commission that will report to the legislature on the follow up to the Douglas High shooting.  Democratic candidate for governor Gwen Graham has come out with counterproductive ideas on gun control and empowering cities and counties to restrict your rights.  It’s just another reason we can’t afford to vote Democratic.

And we’ll begin our day with an unintentional homage to SNL’s Mike Myers’ Dieter and the search for a lost monkey in Miami.  Then, we often talk about schools trying to give their rules more far reaching impact than they should.  Two reports out of New Jersey highlight this for us and it’s high time people stood up.

All of that is up for grabs today, but it is WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.  What’s on YOUR mind?


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3rd party groups wreaking havoc with voters again

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