MICKnugget: 03.21.18

If the Maryland school shooting teaches us anything about those situations it’s that the carnage can be stopped before an incident becomes a disaster.

Our students who are the faces of protests and marches around the country need to be told the truth and understand what is going on.

They, at Parkland or not, are victims of that tragedy and others around the country.  They are further victimized by those who have convinced them that gun bans and keeping guns out of schools or only in the hands of cops will keep them safe.

That is blatantly wrong.  There are two choices in an active shooter situation.  Be a victim or fight back.  Oh, sure, run and hide are potential options, and good ones if you have time, but many won’t. 

The School Marshal program will have school personnel better trained to handle the situation than most cops will be.  There is the truth of it.

So, be a victim, or allow people on scene to fight back?  To me, it’s an easy choice!

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