MICKnugget: 03.20.18

Florida has seen its first firearms seizure under the new school safety measure that was rushed through the legislature in the wake of the Douglas High School shooting.  This one is not school related, but is it not exactly what we have asked for?

The unidentified man in Lighthouse Point (Broward County) was confined under the Baker Act by local authorities for his unstable and potentially dangerous behavior.  He had stated the FBI was burglarizing his home, that his neighbor was a shapeshifter who looked like Osama bin Laden and that he had turned off his condo’s main breaker because it was electrocuting him through his legs.

It’s not the X Files, but he sure sounds like the candidate we had in mind for this legislation.  Cops had interacted with him many times before, but could not act.  Sounds familiar? Maybe this is right and good, but the determination of health for him and return of his property is in question.

Maybe the legislature should have slowed down and been right instead of fast.

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